Chris Swayne, MA, LMFT

Hello! I’m Chris,
I’m a somatic psychotherapist

I hope you’ll find this site helpful. If you're seeking a therapist and are wondering how to choose, I offer you my support:

There are many therapists to select from, which is both great, and can also feel overwhelming. Fortunately most therapists offer a free phone consultation to discuss what you’re looking for and how they approach therapy. If a clinician’s practice is full, or the fit doesn’t seem quite right to you, they can offer you referrals.

Therapy often explores challenging topics, so complete ease and comfort isn't necessarily the best indication of an ideal fit. That said, it is important to trust and feel safe with your therapist. Like most relationships, this can take some time, and there’s something to be said for your intuitive sense. A phone call or first visit can be helpful in feeling that out.

Please feel encouraged to contact me with any questions or to set up an initial in-person session.




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If you’re seeking therapy, a brief initial call comes without a fee; finding a good fit is important.


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